Saturday, November 16, 2019

“What Are Some Issues That Indigenous Australians Still Face and Some Solutions” Essay Example for Free

â€Å"What Are Some Issues That Indigenous Australians Still Face and Some Solutions† Essay We have all heard of the stolen generation in Australia’s history, and know of the issues and problems the indigenous Australians faced and although modern times for indigenous Australians are a lot better than previous times, they are still faced with many issues. These include education leading onto high unemployment, remoteness of some living lands, problems proving rightful lands and culture clashes of today. However some solutions I think will work are mentioned later on, which I think could possibly help future generations to come. Education and high unemployment are all issues that the indigenous aboriginals face. They have the lowest attendance rates and this leads onto high unemployment rates. Some aboriginals do not believe in European education, and others it is sometimes too far for them to travel to get proper education. This all has future effects on the children that do not attend school, as they are unable to be employed and therefore cannot lead a better life. It is a cycle that will continue until something is done. I believe that we should build more schools so the children can attend it daily, and for those who do not believe in European education, I believe that we should have a regular consulter who ever week will talk to the adults to try and convince them and change their views (gently), and not only that, but check on the children and make sure they are attending school. I think governments should help schools who have this commonly occur, and have a consulter and check up on the kids who haven’t been attending. The next issue is remoteness of land that leads to lack of proper facilities, and problems with proving rightful land. Some indigenous Australians prefer to live on their ancestor’s land and continue traditional life; however sometimes these places are too remote for proper facilities. Facilities such as health, education and more are too far to reach. I think we should build more facilities nearer to the lands so they are now closer and can get use them. The next problem is a big one. Ancestral land is vital to indigenous culture and is a link to their past, so when they lose that important land, it is hard to win it back as a lot of evidence must be given. I believe we should reduce the amount of evidence given, and depending on case to case, give it up easier. Because without their land they have lost their culture, their land and are displaced within society. The last issue I will mention is culture clash. Here in the modern world,there is not much room for other cultures. It is a major role within many indigenous Australian lives, however its customs sometimes clash with the new beliefs creating strains on the younger generations beliefs. I believe we should create more schools, meant mainly (but not only for) aboriginals, which encourage many of their cultures and customs which will help encourage the younger generations to connect with it. So although there is still many issues that many indigenous Australians face, I believe that they can all be solved with enough time, effort and belief, we can make it better for them.

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